Oxymoron – Award Winning Drama Short Film

Riddle me this: What can’t we live with, yet we can’t live without?

This is an experimental short about a girl who, like most of us, has been enslaved by technology. However, she realizes that she’s broken without it. It’s a constant, inevitable contradiction. But if you can’t live with it, and you can’t live without it, sometimes the best thing to do is just turn it off.

The doll represents the vulnerability of the girl and how she’s trapped, and can’t escape. Dolls are never in control and cannot break free from their predicament.

End Song Credits: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tDJ9b5Ca54U

This was created for a little-known film festival near Windsor, ON. Have a good day 🙂

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“Father” a sad short film – DRAMA (Warning: Very sensitive material. You may break down and cry)

Drama short written/directed/produced by: Seulki “Michael” Kim – Starring: Derrick as the Father & David Jason Perez as Mark. A heartbreaking, shady, depressing, painful story,

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Plus or Minus – Dramatic Short Film

An inner city teenage girl relives the day she had unprotected sex with her abusive boyfriend, while she awaits the results of a home pregnancy test.

Film is written, directed, and edited by Tyler Johnson. The film stars Nelcie Souffrant, Mark Franke, and Genese Bristal.

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Brent | Drama/Suspense Award Winning Short Film – 50 Hour Film Competition

Glimpses into the life of a man struggling with post traumatic stress disorder with the only normality in his life being the inconsistent visits from his landlord.

Filmed in 50 hours for the Surrey Little Theatre Film Competition. It was tons of fun and quite an experience. The film had to be 5 minutes or less, this is the slightly extended version but some parts may some jumpy or quick because we couldn’t squeeze in the whole story in just 5 minutes. Overall though it was a crazy weekend!

We came in 3rd place, Outstanding Technical Merit Award. In english, they liked my cinematography and filming and stuff. The other winners had a better and more entertaining story.

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The Exit – Short Film (Action/Drama)

The story of a hit man hired by the government.
After executing two innocent people. His conscience surfaces.

Directed by: Marco Dorce

Starring: Christopher Rex Stone
Cosimo Buey
Jesumene Noel


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ONE BY ONE – Dramatic Short Film (14 Years Old)

New Channel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tkiPvWmN9a0

Directed, Edited, Written, and Acted by Johnathan Hang (shot at 14 years old). This was helped created by the awesome David White (white actor and executive producer), who stuck until the end which I can’t thank him enough for! Oh and btw…this was shot with the budget of $0.

Camera: Canon T2i
Lenses: Kit Lenses

We want to give major thanks to Felix Kessler and Luke Neumann for providing us royalty free music!


This is an 8 minute film that was finished over the course of 5-6 months. However if you just counted how much time we really spent on it, I would say around 48-72 hours of cold sweat and tears.

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AXIOM – Sci-Fi Drama Short Film

A good citizen of αβ (Alphabeta) named K struggles to accept the truth about her society and her closest friends.


Won Grand Prize at the Seoul Youth International Film Festival (13+ Division, 2016)
Screened at the Austin Film Festival (Young Filmmakers Competition, 2016)
Nominated for Best Picture at the OCSA FTV Awards (2016)
Won Best Cinematography at the OCSA FTV Awards (2016)
Won Best Visual Effects at the OCSA FTV Awards (2016)
Won Best Sound at the OCSA FTV Awards (2016)
Nominated for Best Directing at the OCSA FTV Awards (2016)
Nominated for Best Production Design at the OCSA FTV Awards (2016)
Nominated for Best Editing at the OCSA FTV Awards (2016)

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FTV2017/

Maddie Moore as Citizen K
Joshua Poon as Citizen O
Jamieson Price as Mayor A
Allison Conrey as Omicron (Glasses)
Megan Weaver-Seitz as TV Reporter

Director: Margo S. Lee (Soorim Lee)
Producer: Andrea Bedoya
Screenwriters: Matthew Dalton and Jamie Ostmann
Cinematographer: Jaxon Schriever
Production Designers: Kylie McGuire and Jamie Ostmann

1st ADs: Melanie Tu and Matthew Dalton
Gaffer: Connor Cheng
Grip: Kylie McGuire
Audio/Boom: Gianni Boyadjian

Editor: Evan C. Barda
Visual Effects: Jaxon Schriever

Special Thanks: Michael Brown, Charan Family, Nick Huntley, McGuire Family, Aaron Orullian, Christopher Huntley, and Kyle Seitz

“Light Thought” by Kevin MacLeod
“Better Days” by bensound.com
“#Ambient” by Oans
“A New Beginning” by Noxive

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Home – Malaysia Drama Short Film // Viddsee.com

A leprosy family were forced to evict from a place where they call home, based on a true story.



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Aaeena ||Hindi Drama Shortfilm 2017 || Directed by Sri Krishna Chaitanya

Aaeena is an emotional journey of a mother who gets into a situation where she has to choose between motherhood and womanhood. introducing Drama short film which is a blend of films and theater with more aesthetic values.

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