VANDiNI a short film by Rohit Sharma

Story | Screenplay | Lyrics | Direction: Rohit Sharma
Music and Sound: Mayank Singh
Singers: Rama Raghavan and Sagar Patel
Cinematography: Chaitanya Annadevula and Aditya Mane
Editing: Navnit S.

The film stars Vandini Pathak in the title role with Rohit Sharma, Dhruvi Dholakia, Vishal Pawar, and Nidhi Ratani in supporting roles. It tells the story of a cheerful girl (Vandini) enjoying life with her friends. Rohit being her closest friend had an intense desire to be a film director. He left everything to fulfill his desire but was despondent as no one appreciated his work. In spite being rebuked by everyone, there was one friend who supported him to achieve his dream. On the other hand, due to unforeseen circumstances, her life takes a turn putting her into a dilapidated state.
In this course, she tried reaching him for a support. But he was busy fulfilling his dream that led him not to support her. In the meanwhile, she lost hope in life, leading her into an extremely unpleasant situation. One fine day Rohit arrives at her place and was startled. This incident left him with many questions unanswered. To express his feeling, he decided to direct a film on her name. This film will amaze the audience leaving them to answer the unanswered questions.

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