Phoenix – a science fiction short film

“Phoenix” is a no-budget short film production from Germany. It´s an homage to classic science fiction like “Brave New World” and “Fahrenheit 451”. It was filmed in April 2014 in Berlin with mostly family and friends.

It was shown at more than 50 film festivals world wide and won 16 awards and prizes so far.

This film was only made possible by the great contribution and sacrifices of the following people and institutions. Thank you so much! You made our dreams come true and we are very proud of the result.


a film by
Florian Frerichs

presented by
Warnuts Entertainment

in cooperation with

Red Dot Films L.C.C.


G-On Filmproduction

in association with

Perfect Action Stuntteam

executive producer
Shadab Khan

executive producer
Ralf Möller

executive producer
Agron Krasniqi

Florian Frerichs & Stephan Warnatsch

Dov Mamann
Martin Goeres
Bruno Eyron
Tobias Kruppa

associate producer
Kai Bosesky

associate producer
Andreas Rüter

written, directed and produced by
Florian Frerichs


Bruno Eyron
as Ayden Lundt

Sandra von Ruffin
as Ava Bard

Martin Goeres
as Henry

Elisa Goeres
as Fadiyah

Martin Goeres
Timo Honsa
Jan Noack
Michael Schreinert
Tobias Kruppa
Lion David Bogus

Bearded Men:
Agron Shala
Heiko Müller
Itamar Zechoval
Stephan Warnatsch
Alexander Nardini
Rick Dommsch

Innocent People:
Julia Schultchen
Ralf Zillmann
Anette Fiedler
Judith Christian
Alexander Pana

1st assistant director / advisor
Adolfo Kolmerer

action director
Martin Goeres

director of photography
Konstantin Freyer

art-direction by
Patricia Walczak

costume design by
Itamar Zechoval

edited by
Christian R. Timmann

music by
Ingo Frenzel

sound by
Itamar Rosenblum

storyboards and co-written by
Stephan Warnatsch

unit manager
Annegret Braun

production manager
Florian Frerichs

1st AC
Javier Palicio

DIT / data-wrangler
Özer Özel

steady-cam operator
Johannes Holweg

Oliver Geissler

lighting technicians
Arne Weiß
Nils Koppenbrink
Sara Gfrörer
Kay Müller

Ellen Bartecki

Maria Reppnow

Markus Schröder
Tino Rothert

assistant production designer
Julia Frankenberg

assistant production designer / production assistant
Lion David Bogus

production assistant
Emma Stern

assistant costume designer
You-Jin Tseo

casting by
Florian Frerichs
Annegret Braun

stunt coordinator
Martin Goeres

stunt rigging coordinator
Wolfgang Stegemann

stunt riggers
Timo Honsa
Leon Mark
Jan Noak

stunt performers
Martin Goeres
Timo Honsa
Jan Noak

utility stunts
Max Kramer
Sven Gelhar

special effects supervisor
Martin Goeres

special effects senior technician
Johara Raukamp

special effects technician, workshop engineer
Max Kramer

weapons supervisor
Martin Goeres

weapons designer / armorer
Tobias Kruppa

driver / production assistant
Michael Schreinert

Andy Hellblau

making of – photography
Sebastian Lassak

stills photographer
Frank Lassak

VFX supervisor
Tobias Kruppa

VFX producer
Tobias Kruppa

Jörg Schreyer
Tobias Kruppa
Christian Schumann

matte paintings
Meike Deutscher

3D modeling artist
Julie Harmes

3D lighting & shading artist
Christian Schumann

title motion design artist
Lutz Forster

camera, light and grip provided by
Camelot Broadcast Services GmbH

RED Epic provided by
Magna Mana Production Bildbearbeitungs GmbH

Villa by
Dipl. Ing. Marlies Timm, Architektin, Berlin

many thanks to the following people:
Joachim Klautzsch
Zeeshan Khan
Petra Krause
Jacqueline Latte
Thomas Seidel
Tobias Tuchlensky
Jamina Fiedler
Anne Krehl
Folker Greisner
Marcel Hofer
Janine Eckenhof
Helmut Schmidt
Konrad Tschernig
Christoph Schneider
Heiner Wegner
Walied Schön
Jalaludin Trautmann
Mark Ritter
Hannah Kessler
Catherine Ackermann
Frau Paltrona
Georgios Maridakis
Andreas Klavehn
Susanne Liewig
Maurice Melitz
Thomas Steinicke
Bojana Nikolaidis
Victor Nikolaidis

many thanks to the following companies and institutions:
Kaisers Tengelmann
bloc inc. filmservice GmbH
Havelbaude Hohenneuendorf
Ludwig-Erhard-Haus Berlin
Charité Berlin
Historische S-Bahn e.V.
Swatch Group
Rheinfrank Antique and Vintage Jewellery
Blumen Café Berlin
Just Music GmbH
Recycling Manteuffel
Kaba GmbH
Carl Zeiss AG
Phoenix Clothing
Medea GmbH

shot on RED

all scenes were shot on location in Berlin / Germany

Copyright 2014

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