“PARALLAX” (2016) | An Australian Sci-Fi Short Film

In a drought-ravaged future, two intrepid rebels must fight to return Sydney’s water supply to it’s citizens.
“Parallax” was created on a zero budget at Macquarie University by media students undertaking the 2nd year screen production program.

Jess Soulsby
Tom Kosutar
Alejandro Zuniga
Robert Richardson
Lauren Mayrick

Benson Koschinski – Director and Writer
Iqbal Barkat – Executive Producer
Courtney Fantoni – Producer
Scott Ward – 1st Assistant Director
Georgia Paul – Director of Photography
Rachael Baihn – Production Designer
Ben Cant – Sound Designer
Rihanna Smith-Williams – Editor
Benson Koschinski – Special Effects Editor

Illustrations by Bethany Sharpe
Narration by Folio Emelio
Casting assisted by “Polished by Donna”

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