LET’S BEGIN – English Short film (Drama)

Two friends too nervous to attend their first interview. They discover that they have come a long way to a point of no return. Life left them with few memories from the past that(in a way) helps them understand what needs to be done. Is it going through it or finding a way back home? Watch here and find out. LET’S BEGIN.

Genre: Comedy Drama
Duration: 07:35 mins
Total Budget: 700 INR

Cast : Sarun, Jaijish, Arjun, Ashok, Arun, Vignesh, Dheena, Monish, Kamlesh, Surya and Dinesh.

Dialogues: Arjun & Allen
Produced by Praveen
Camera: Allen Rajan
Sounds,Editing & VFX : Arjun
Story,Screenplay & Direction : Arjun Sethu
Dubbing : Cijo,Deepu,Navin & Archana.

Film dedicated to all the entrepreneurs.

We don’t claim any credits for the music used in this film.

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