Kumar 24M | Latest Comedy Telugu Shortfilm 2016

Kumar 24 M – Last Kiss is a 2016 Latest Telugu comedy short film. This telugu short film is directed by John. This Comedy Telugu short film is mixed with comedy and full of Entertainment , Starring Ramm Teja and Avanthika as main leads. Sunny Rattann and Aravind Kumarr who performed in their comedy attires in this short film entertains the people . This Comedy short film is made to entertain the audience till the end. Don’t Miss the Ending. Enjoy the Latest Telugu Comedy Short Film. This Film Distributed is by Short Film Cube. Please Don’t Encourage Smoking but not this Video.

From Rattann Online Media..!

Cast :Ramm Teja.K, Avanthika , Aravind Kumarr , Sunny Rattann & Krishna Buttowski

Crew :
Editing, Titles & VFx : Srikanth Reddy Basadi (Vision Eye Studios)
Dubbing: P.R. Studios | Srinvasa Studios (Bharath, R.J. Kajal)
Production Team: Vandhana, Kishore & Prasanna.
Publicty Designs: Rattann Creations | Sravya Kalle Designs
Story : Ramm Teja.K
Dialogues: N.C.Aravind Kumarr
English Sub – Titles : Sagar Karasala
Music: P.R (Rohith Raaga) | Key Board: Suhaas Remo
Produced By: Sunny Rattann | Rattann Online Media
Cinematography – Screenplay – Direction: John.K

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