Entrada (Science Fiction Short Film)

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In the future, a last-ditch mission to evacuate a dying Earth and save the human race has failed, leaving only one survivor trapped on board her isolated chamber of the USS Santa Maria. Hovering just above the atmosphere with no way to communicate with Earth, Patient 0337 awakes from a cryonic sleep and searches for answers while grappling with the possibility that she may be the last human being alive.

Written and directed by Danny Dunlop.

Director’s cut.

This is the final version of Entrada. I updated some visual effect shots, touched up some audio, and added proper legal information to the ending. This is the version that will be submitted to film fests this summer.

WINNER: 3rd Place 2011 UWO Film Fest
WINNER: Best Drama 2011 UWO Ivey Film Fest
WINNER: Best Film 2011 UWO Ivey Film Fest
WINNER: Best Drama – Student 2011 Niagara Indie Film Fest
WINNER: 2nd Place 2011 Hamilton Music and Film Fest
OFFICIAL SELECTION: 2011 Hamilton World Film Festival
NOMINE: Broadcast Educators Association of Canada Award 2011
HONOURABLE MENTION (scifi) [highest award in this category] – 2011 California ITSA Film Festival
WINNER: Best Technical Achievement – 2011 London Short Film Showcase
OFFICIAL SELECTION: 2012 Domestic Arrivals Festival of Canada
OFFICIAL SELECTION: 2012 37th Annual Boston Science Fiction Film Festival
OFFICIAL SELECTION: 2012 Scinema Festival of Science Film – Australia

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