Be My Love (A K-drama Parody) [Short Film]

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Every love story is always the same… It all starts when a guy and girl unexpectedly meet, most likely due to the guy ‘saving’ the girl from tripping over — of course she lands perfectly in his arms and they stare at each other eyes wide whilst sparks light up. It’s love at first sight. They spend many days together, but no love is perfect — there comes the bad news that the guy is, unfortunately, diagnosed with an incurable disease. Following that, we all know what happens right?


Roughly 15 hours shooting and sound recording, over 40 hours editing later…. I am super super happy with the final product! I am really thankful to all my cast and crew who spared their time and contributed to this work, I couldn’t have done this without you guys!

Shoutout to my actor and actress, Subaru and Yue Gong, you guys were completely amazing and did such a great job! saranghaeyeo~~ You guys make such a cute on-screen couple! oh and Subaru, I sincerely hope that you will not have any serious injuries resulting from taking a basketball to your head in the couple of times we had to retake ! 😉 Also thanks to Tracy, my production assistant, who also played minor roles within the film; to Tat and Shirley for allowing me to borrow your voices – gamsahabnida~~~; to Hei Kwok, who also played a minor role and lended his support; to Enny Pitar, our korean expert, who helped me translate the script 😉 and Vincie Lee, lecturer and tutor, for your guidance.

Thank you guys for watching!!

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