Alien Abduction science fiction short film pitch by Adam Mawson

So here it is folks the Abduction short film which is followed by the new revamped trailer. I will be entering film festivals competitions with this. It started off as just a hobby, playing around with after effects, then I came up with the concept for the film #Abduction which led up to this moment.

I know it’s been a while coming but when your learning how to do the visual effects as your making it, it does take a little longer.

I hope you enjoy it and please people, share and feel free to comment.

All filmed with my Iphone 4s and the rest was done in After effects and Final cut pro HD

I’m self taught I didn’t go to film school or college to study film I just have a passion for film and all my experience has come from watching films. I truly believe if you love doing something so much anything is possible and the rest is history.

I have been writing Abduction which is my screen play for the last 6 years which people that know me well already know about it. I came up with the idea of doing a teaser trailer to help give people
a vision of what I see, also to send with… the screen play when sending to production companies so that it might help them imagine what it could be like once they’ve looked at the synopsis.

This would be amazing if this could become a reality and not just a dream if you could please take a couple of minutes to read the synopsis before watching the trailer I would really appreciate it and also if you could share this with as many people as possible that would be great.

Abduction is a story based on two friends called Paul & Johnathan both, 10 years old, living in small village called Baildon in West Yorkshire, the year is 1985.

On the night, they have a sleep over at Paul’s house, while his parents are out of town one of them is abducted along with a number of other children living in close proximity over a period of time,
after many searches all the parents of the missing children think that a known pedophile living in the area is responsible.
The ex-offender is wrongfully imprisoned for the kidnap and murders of the children but yet the bodies are never found.

Paul is the only witness that speaks out of what he saw the night his friend was abducted, his neighbours are in denial about what they witnessed. 29 years later in 2014, Paul is now 39 years old living a normal life with a family of his own, one evening his friend returns along with the other 5 children in the exact place where they were abducted from and not one have them seems to have aged.

The children are returned to there families to try and rebuild a normal life in the community, but strange things begin to happen.

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